Friday, February 27, 2009

Mike's New Toy...

On Monday I got an email about doing wedding pictures for a family in the ward, and we needed some additional equipment. The store we needed to go to just happened to be around the corner from where Mike works in Franklin. We went in and found what we needed, Mike and I asked about a couple of other items were also interested in. We've been talking about getting a newer camera. Mike asked if they had the camera in stock...usually they don't because it's a pricier camera, so not in high demands right now. Anyway...long story short... Cool Springs didn't have it, they called the main store on West End...they actually had it! We got it, and a lens. On the way home we were noticing that the serial numbers on the paperwork didn't match the one on the camera... hmmm... odd... anyway...Mike had it at work later that day and noticed it was NOT the right camera! He had been given the cheaper model... K200D the store whoops, they packaged the wrong one in the box, and YES they did have the right one in the store the whole time... *sigh of relief* Mike drove back to the store to get the right one, and at the same time he was there decided to pick up the battery grip accessory. Wonderful! He came home and started looking at it...and realized he was given the WRONG grip! AHHH! they had given him the grip for the K200D...not the one we had. Since the store was closed, it meant we had to wait until Tuesday to see what they could do. We figured it was easier to try the Cool Springs store as it was closer to work. This grip is not a common the camera is a rare item in and of itself... We were told the grip would take a while to be shipped from the warehouse etc. and that there wasn't one in the store. Ok, no biggie, just an extra we wanted... So Mike drives home...He gets halfway home and the store called to tell him they had gone and looked through all the inventory for one, and actually found one, and if he came back and got it, they'd give him a deal... he turned right around got the grip, and an EXCELLENT deal!
Now he's a happy man! Even if it took him a few trips to get what he wanted and what he paid for! Happy Anniversary babe :)

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