Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diaper Commotion!!!

Well, there has been so much commotion and emotion over this past week that I don't even know where to start.

Potty Training...Commotion sounds like a good enough place to me!

Last Sunday, I had a meeting at the church and Mike was left home with the kids getting them ready for church. He did fine, as he usually does...until it came to Emalee! She looked great, and was well put together, her hair was done and everything. The problem came when she sat on my lap! I noticed that she was NOT wearing a DIAPER...but TRAINING PANTS!!! EEk! She's NOT potty trained!!! I asked my dear husband why she wasn't in a diaper or if he knew she was in a diaper. He told me, in a hushed but panicked/worried tone that he couldn't find any, and thought 1, I either forgot to buy them, or 2, they were in the car I brought to church. I smiled, and said...Oh Yeah...they are in the trunk in the car! Anyway... we left her in the training pants, and ran her to the bathroom every 20 min. When we took her to her Nursery class, I informed them of the training pants and lack of diaper. They looked at me like... Are You Serious! I gave them the instruction that if she says she HAS to her there, and get me on the way back otherwise it would be too late...well.. I decided that in between Sunday School and Relief Society I'd get her and take her potty, put on a diaper if needed... I got there to take her... and they said we already took her potty, and she's dry! She's good! I'm like..Are You SERIOUS!? she's been in training pants ALL this week! She is refusing to wear diapers. Now that I have to do laundry, she's apparently gone through all the training pants...I thought she had a pair but can't seem to find them...I need to wash them! Time for a diaper... sheesh! All she can do is yell NO DIAPERS MOMMY NO DIAPERS!!! BIG GIRL!
I guess we'll see how it all goes! This is definitely happening on HER schedule...I would never have picked this week if it had been up to me! So far she's done pretty good I just have to ask her frequently or tell her it's "potty time" and she is right there ready to be a big girl!!! Yippee!!!

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MotherMonkee said...

Hooray Ema!! What a big girl, Rachel don't look back just do it and get it over with. Think of all the money you will save on diapers. It will help pay for you to do the laundry!!Ü