Sunday, March 01, 2009

Grandpa Price...

Mike's grandfather passed away earlier this week, and we felt it was important for him to be there with and for his family. We had a couple days to get everything in order so he could fly out to Utah. He flew out Thursday morning to be there for the funeral on Saturday, and will be back Tuesday late night.

It's been an emotional week for me at home. Reading family members memories etc. of him reminded me of my own grandparents, Both of which passed away YEARS ago. ('86 and '94) I realized just how much I missed my mine.

I personally have only a few memories of Grandpa Price. The one that comes to mind so quickly I hesitate to share...

The family was gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Price's house. It was a sunny warm day, and we had just eaten lunch and were around the kitchen and living room talking. Grandpa got out a watermelon and was getting ready to slice it. He picked up his chefs knife, and lowered it in a karate chop motion over the center of the watermelon. The knife easily penetrated the entire melon... but didn't stop... it went through the melon and the glass plate it was sitting on too! He got very frustrated by that, and said a choice word...only a few of us heard...those that did turned bright red, and didn't dare repeat what they heard. It to me was quite humorous. Grandpa had a way with words :D

Grandpa Price was very good with the great grandchildren. I'm sorry mine didn't get to know him better. He LOVED to sing nursery rhymes and bounce the kids on his knee.

We love you and will miss you deeply!

God be with you til we meet again!

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