Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation Part 4... Price Family Reunion

While in Utah, we had fun attending the Price Family Reunion.
Once each family had their picture taken and documented on film...and video, we got to eat! The grilled chicken was superb! It was great to see family. Some we haven't seen for a very long time!

As a side note... I didn't realize how similar the Price Family Reunions are to the Reece Family Reunions :) Quite comical to me...

As is the tradition with the Price Family, they had a table with silent auction items. I walked up and down the table for something to catch my eye... it took a couple passes... I saw that the "hot" item was a block puzzle made by Uncle Paul! Nobody had put a bid down, and my kids wouldn't leave it alone, so I put a bid for that... then I noticed some pictures of the Salt Lake Temple. Mike's cousin had taken the pictures, and they looked VERY nice!
Almost professional :)
The first one I bid for showcased the temple in such warm light of i think a sun set...could have been a sunrise... I had never seen the SL temple photographed that way, and I liked it! so I bid... Mike's cousin...i think...I'm not so sure of the lines on the Price side, wanted that picture too, so she swooped in under me and out bid me in the last min. to go. So I jumped to the next picture... SL temple with spring leaves framing the steeple and the statue Moroni. I like that one, and the frame was just as beautiful! I put my bid on that one! Sorry Aunt Joyce... I out bid her in the last 15 seconds.

I'll make it up to you!!!

We ended up with the picture and the puzzle. The puzzle was in pieces when we got it, so Mike took it upon himself to figure it out. Once he figured it out...with a bit of help from Uncle Dick, the girls wanted to try putting it together... Mike said we couldn't go swimming until they had figured it out. Talk about some SERIOUS motivation to put it together...the RIGHT way!!!

We shared a most FUN day swimming at the Veterans Memorial Pool in Provo, UT. My girls think they need a pool in our back yard now... :)
The pool had rules about wasn't allowed, for the protection of the kids... I completely understand, and as much as it was hard to NOT take pictures, I followed the rules... so NO pics for this one guys! Sorry!!!

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