Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vacation Part 5... Baby Blessing #1 Ian Matthew

We had our vacation planned from Fall in 2008. We knew that there would be 2 babies born before we would be there. We were hoping to see them blessed.
The first one blessed was Mike's Sister's baby Ian Matthew. He's a cutie, and well loved by his 2 older brothers.

Mike and I chose to stay at church and finish out the meetings rather than going back to the house right away. Our girls enjoyed it, although they said that the primary sang songs that they didn't know... Hmmm... I think it's just that the ward we were visiting had learned some songs for the new year that our girls hadn't learned yet... Ema loved going to the Nursery...went right in and right to the toys and was like... Mom...go away...this is MY class... NOT yours!!! bye!!!
sniff sniff... smile...big girl!

Back at her house we had a nice luncheon, and let the kids run around and play with their cousins. Uncle Matt couldn't go with out celebrating his birthday a bit more, so he provided the pinata... too much fun... TOO MUCH CANDY!!!
I swear that's all my kids ate for the next week! :)

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