Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Girls at Mt. Rushmore

We decided we could make the trip home a bit exciting by stopping off and seeing some landmarks or historical sites along the way. My girls have heard about Mt. Rushmore, and seen it on TV and such. With the girls studying US/American history in school, I thought it would be fun to actually see some of these sites.

We spent some time walking around and looking at the monument... most of our time was taking pictures of it :)
We even took pictures for other families! lol... that is what happens when you're holding a nice camera...people trust you to take good pictures.

It was really interesting to hear the history behind it too! I also found it very interesting that although it was done YEARS ago, and the tools were crude, and technology wasn't where it is today, that there weren't any deaths in the making of it! There were a few injuries, but NO deaths!!!

After walking around and taking our time at the monument, we wanted to cool off with some ice cream...

I have more pictures...but they aren't ready for blogging yet... sorry!