Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation Part 12... L.I.W. Family Home in De Smet, SD

From Mt. Rushmore, we took a jaunt over to De Smet, SD (where Laura Ingalls Wilder's Family settled and she was married)

On the way there... we got a flat tire... LOVELY!!!

We were about 10 miles from Huron. We had to empty the car of all people and the stuff in the back so we could replace the flat... We made it to Huron, and luckily enough there was a tire shop where we could get it fixed. We found out the whole tire needed to be replace, it wasn't just a flat and a patch... ugh... anyway... we went from flat to fixed up in a little less than an hour! So we were on the road again soon.

This was one of those stops that probably meant more to me than the rest of the family, but we all had fun... at least I think we did :)

We didn't have a TON of time to spend thanks to being cut an hour or so, but we did do the car-tour... The surveyor's house, a replica of the Brewster's School, the old school house, and her family's house. We drove past Loftus' Store and the Train Depot. We didn't have a whole lot of time, like I said, but it was fun. All of us girls got a sweatshirt from the gift shop. :)

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the houses, because of copyrighted things being in them, and the light from the flash effects the fragile materials etc. But we could take pictures outside and in the school houses. As soon as my pics are done, I'll put my favorite ones here :)

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