Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation... June 18th - July 11th

We're BAAAAACK!!!!

I'm going to have to post our vacation in a series of posts. TOO much to get done in just one. We did so many things! Some things we got pictures of, others I'll just tell you about briefly.

We just had fun being together as a family...

** Note **

this will take the better part of a week to post for a months worth of activities... So... Check back often!!!


Pincock Ohana said...

You'll definitely have to tell us more on the trip. We can't wait to see some pics! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Elizabeth said...

I just read everything and I am so glade that everyone had fun!!

MotherMonkee said...

woosh! i just caught up. sounds like you all had a good time!