Monday, July 06, 2009

Vacation Part 11... Bekah's Baby Shower...

My sister Bekah has never experienced her own baby shower. Her oldest is now almost 6 yrs. old and she is expecting her 2nd one... VERY soon!

With her first one, he came suddenly and there were lots of complications. She never had a baby shower. She really wanted one, and really wanted to do it while I was in town. My mom got it put together very quickly... like within a week!

She had assigned me and my sisters in law each to come up with a game. I think we were all pretty creative... well, I except me... I just found a game online to use...

Emily's game was quick and fun... hold a paper plate up on top of your head, and draw a picture of a baby. Bekah picks out her favorite one and the person who drew it wins!!!

Linda's game was a MadLibs story she had every body contribute to... Nouns, Adjectives, Numbers, and so on. How Bekah became a Mommy! It was quite the story :)

My game was called Rhyme Time Rhetoric. They had to guess what rhyme I was saying by listening to my crazy clues...

Marley had a quick and ez game too! She had Q-tips in a bottle and we had to guess how many she put in there... 74 was the lucky number!!!

Grandma Reece planned a fun game... new to me! The instructions were to hold the baby talk on the phone and fold a batch of towels... all at the same time. It turned into quite the show. Some ladies got pretty creative with how the accomplished the task. They were to see how many towels they could get folded in a minute. ROFLMBO!!! So funny to watch!

As part of my gift for her I made her a diaper cake... I had never made one before, but I liked how it turned out. Bekah LOVED it... she said it was super special to her because she decorates cakes. She got a lot of nice things for her little one.

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