Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vacation Part 6... LAGOON!!!!!

What a day this was!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Arnold treated us to a day at Lagoon!
It opened at 11 am, we got there around noon, and left after 11 pm when the park closed. We started on the North end of the park at the SkyScraper, then had fun on the Samurai,and soaked some of us on the Hydro Luge. We did a few little kid rides for the little ones like Paratrooper, Flying Aces, and the Tilt a Whirl. Then it was time for some more big kid action and on to the Jet Star2, Bat, Jumping Dragon, and a new one this year... Odysea. Some of the big kids enjoyed doing the bumper cars. Grandma went with Ema, Metta and Kaleigh on the Lady Bug Bop (a kids version of Rocket) After that, Kaleigh thought she could handle the "real" Rocket. (Later in the day, Mike and I accompanied her. We did the Blast Off ride. Re- Entry kind of makes me nervous...) The little kids got bored waiting for the big kids on their rides, so they went and did some on their own... baby boats, and a few others.

Then, it was LUNCH time!!!

We weren't too looking forward to the prices of "theme park" food, but when we saw the serving size... our eyes popped! When they say NACHO SUPREME...they mean GIGANTIC! Tacos were under $3 and HUGE!!! (2 could have fed ALL my kids)
We definitely got some food for our dollar :)

Mike and Kaleigh were raring to go on more rides... they didn't even want to rest for a bit and let their food settle. I THREATENED Mike that if Kaleigh got sick, it was HIS sole responsibility to take care of her... he laughed it off and they went running off to do the Rock-o-Plane. Ugh... my stomach started churning just watching them! It's a good thing they both have strong stomachs.

The rest of us did a few little rides waiting for lunch to settle. Tidal Wave was a big hit. Metta and Ema LOVED it! the little boy across from us...we're just lucky he didn't lose his stomach...his face sure scared me! I thought for sure, I was going to be wearing his lunch! We went from there to the Wild Mouse, and Cliff Hanger. Then over to Spider.

Metta, Mike and Kaleigh all had to go potty or stop for a water break, I forget why they were together going that direction...anyway... On their way back to the group they stopped at the colossus for a quick ride. Metta got all buckled into the ride and as soon as it started moving she cried a bit, then screamed as it went over the hill, and cheered and laughed as she went upside down. She LOVED it. But didn't want to do it again... lol

Grandpa, Mike, Me and Kaleigh wanted to try the new ride Wicked... a ride that goes straight up and straight back down then around a corner and cork-screws... It took a while to get to that one... that was THE LONGEST line of the day! 30 min. for a 45 sec. ride! SO WORTH IT!!!!

Ema was wanting to do some rides so on our way to the Sky Ride we came to the Musik Express. She and Mike shared a seat and Metta and Kaleigh shared a seat...and squished each other. Mike was having a bit too much fun...

Kaleigh was still being extra adventurous, and went on the Centennial Screamer and Mike and Metta rode together... what a hoot! Kaleigh got a bit panicked when she couldn't find a seat belt, and it didn't help to have Marley tell her that the ride doesn't have seat belts, and that it goes upside down... She enjoyed the ride :)

Just as we were about to ride the Sky Ride across the park, a lady came up pointing at a couple kids who were just getting off the ride. Apparently they were spitting while riding... LOVELY... They stopped the ride for a few minutes, and called Park security over, and I believe the guys were kicked out of the park. ANYWAY...
This ride usually makes me nervous because of how high and the lack of equipment to hold you in. Yes, I have a fear of heights... not so much of the heights, but FALLING from those heights...
We get on the ride and it is me and Marley, Grandma and Kaleigh and Metta, and Mike and Ema. (grandpa was going to walk across the park and meet us at the other end) We got going, and the ride...STOPPED... the cars were swinging, and rocking...yikes, Marley was ok, as long as I was ok. If I got nervous, she got nervous... We were behind Grandma and the girls, they liked to turn around and wave at us. Mike was busy trying to keep Ema holding still so she wouldn't stand up or slide out the bottom. I'm SO glad he had her... I know I would have been panicked the WHOLE ride! We all SAFELY made it across.... Whew!!! Sigh...

We could see the clouds moving across the sky threatening to rain, and then we started seeing lightning in the distance. It was late, but Mike wanted to get a few pictures of the night lights etc., so we rode a few more rides while we waited.

This is when Mike, me and Kaleigh rode the rocket. The lightning was getting closer, and little drops were falling here and there. The ride started having issues with not locking properly. Oh great... They got it working, and we shot up in the air. I really don't like the second or so before the fall. Kaleigh sounded TERRIFIED, but enjoyed it overall. (just don't ask her to ride it again!)

The SkyScraper (ferris wheel) was having issues and wouldn't run. I didn't know that until I had waited FOREVER for them and decided to walk over and see what was going on. They actually had people stuck at the top waiting to get down and off. Those people were quite nervous seeing lightning and watching the storm come in. They got it working just long enough to get everybody off, then closed it to new riders... all that time waiting... and Mike wasn't going to get his shot after all... :( and it was late enough that the park was closing now...

Ema absolutely loved some of the rides, and when she was told it was time to get off, she screamed at us... She did NOT want to get off!!

Throughout the day we had been discussing the "Bounce-Back" option. We decided to register for it and maybe bounce back later that week for Lagoon-a-beach. We had completely missed out on that during our day of riding rides.

We ended up coming back the next day and spending the WHOLE time at Lagoon a beach.

Let me just say that this little trip to Lagoon brought out a new side of Kaleigh and Marley... or rather reminded me of original personalities...
When Marley was a little toddler (18-24 mo.) she was shy. Didn't like meeting new people etc. Little sister Kaleigh comes around and demands the attention. Big sister needed attention too so she slowly changed and has since become pretty outgoing and friendly! Marley has always been comfortable with heights, and tricks and stunts so we figured if any of the girls would LOVE Lagoon it would be her. Kaleigh freaks out to even get a piggy back ride down the hallway... she's too high... too unsure...
It floored Mike and I that Marley backed down on so many of the rides... they intimidated her. Kaleigh was the one RUNNING to all the big "scare the pants off you" rides.


We got to Lagoon shortly after it opened, it was WAY crowded compared to our previous day.
The girls had fun in the lazy river, and in the little pools. We spent our time 50/50 in the pools and on the slides.

Mike wanted to do the Liquid Lightning Slide... NOT me... I just watched. I did have fun on the slides, and in the water. The girls were all having fun too.

We weren't planning on staying ALL day again, as we had arrangements to meet up with family. About the time we were planning on leaving to meet family, it started raining. COLD COLD rain... We had fun swimming, and were content to call it a day.

Lagoon... it's what FUN is!!!!

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