Friday, July 03, 2009

Vacation Part 7... Birthday Celebration for Ema and Kaleigh

I had told the girls we'd do a BIG birthday party at the park, and invite EVERYBODY... Both families, some friends whoever wanted to say hi and catch up.
Well, we got both families!

I told Kaleigh she and Ema would have their own cakes and that we'd have cupcakes to share with everybody else.

My sister Bekah is a great cake decorator. She made a special little cake for each of my girls. They looked like little wedding cakes!

We arranged to meet at Woodledge Park, the little neighborhood park I used to play at as a child. I knew ALL my family knew where it was, and I knew most of Mike's family could find it. (in the neighborhood just behind their street) The park has been redone recently... I missed some of the old playground toys... Teeter Totter, Tire Swing, the BIG slide, and swings... The new stuff was fun for the kids. and The big rings were fun to climb on!

We all brought our own dinners, and I had the dessert for everybody. It was quite funny though because ALL of Mike's family showed up with Subway. We had Fiesta Ole, my brother Jared came with Subway... I announced that when my family got there, they'd have KFC... I called it!

The girls had lots of fun with their special cakes. Such a fun birthday present from Aunt Bekah!!!

Emily and Jared gave the all of the girls a gift, to celebrate ALL 4 birthdays. Ema got some beanbags, and the rest got special "treasure keepers"

Joel and Linda gave each of the girls a personalized notebook and pens/crayons

Debbie and Bryson sent each of the girls a card with some Moola

Grandma and Grandpa Reece gave them some nice card stuffed with Presidential Faces :)

Thanks to everybody who came and had fun! Sorry about the LACK of bathrooms at the park... ;)

I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of everybody there!!! We are glad that you all were able to come :D

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