Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 Yrs Ago....

6 Yrs ago today...

We left our home in Utah, and traveled across the country carrying our whole life in a moving truck. We had 2 kids. One in Nursery (age 3), one in Sunbeams (age 4), and one on the way. We had no idea what we were moving to. We had never seen a picture of the house. We just felt right about it and signed the lease. We did know what ward we would be attending, but had NO clue where it was.

To help us with our move, my Mother and Father-in-law and my brother Joel came along. Mike wanted to get here as fast as he could. The rest of us were content to make it 8hrs a day. They guys typically all rode together in the moving van, and Nancy and I were in our little red car with the girls. It was a life saver to have the extra drivers with us... I think I found my led foot on that drive ;)

When we got to Tennessee, we found we had a tornado welcoming us! It was all surreal. I happened to be in the moving van with Mike and Joel, and my in-laws had the girls in our red car. They had stopped at a rest stop and let the girls play for a bit while they were waiting for us to catch up. We noticed how dark the sky was but didn't think much of it until we started seeing cars pulling off the free way and into the ditch area, or parking under the overpasses. We turned on the radio and got the news of the weather alert. Not knowing much about TN, we had no clue if the storm was heading toward us, away from us or what was going on.

All's well that ends well :)

We made it to our house. It was still one piece. We've been here ever since. We've LOVED our neighbors. Our ward has been a tremendous help and a blessing.

In 6 years we've added 2 kids and a 2nd car to our family. We've now been a Tennessee family longer than we were a Utah family. We've spent more of our married life in TN. I really enjoy it here. The fall is beautifully brilliant with color, the spring is more white with blossoms than the winter is white with snow... which we really miss! The humidity is a bit much at times, but it's all good.

Here's to many more years in Tennessee :D


Lila said...

what i nice post. we are happy to have you and so glad you like us and want to stay. ;) (speaking as a fellow transplant, lol.)

TeresaL said...

Sounds like a good move for your family!

Mark & Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday today!!!! (28th)