Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday and a Baby...

Happy Happy Birthday to Mike!

Today was supposed to be a vacation day for Mike. But when work needs to be done, it doesn't matter what the schedule says. He was only expecting to be at work for an hour or 2. That turned into ALL day. Good thing we didn't have any big plans!

Frustrating yes... but it just saves our vacation time for another time!!! We plan on taking full advantage of it too!

I was getting stuff together for Mike's birthday dinner, and realized I didn't have a cake mix. I couldn't run to the store because I had a napping Ema that I didn't want to disturb...No problem I thought, I'll just make his mom's Wacky Cake. I have the recipe... I thought...
I tore my kitchen apart looking for it, couldn't find it. I remembered I had shared the recipe with a friend online, so I tore apart my computer desk looking for it... NO LUCK!!! :'(
I decided to make a cake for him. That meant I had to make it from scratch. I found a basic recipe, and voila! It actually turned out! It tasted good, and wasn't crumbly, or heavy! It was just right!!! So NOT what I expected!

Joel and Linda came over to celebrate with us. Of course Dallin came along and loved every minute he got to play with his cousins, and they loved every minute of having him here :)

Early in the afternoon we got a text saying my sister was in labor and in the hospital! Yippee!!! About the time we were sitting down to dinner we got the message that we had a new little nephew! How exciting! Mike now shares a birthday with a nephew!

I still have to get the pictures off my phone, then I'll add them :)

So happy birthday to the boys!!

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The Lynchs said...

I didn't realize I missed your birthday Mike! Happy belated one!

I remember that day vividly...I hope you didn't spend your birthday working on my transfer numbers! :-)