Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November has gone by quickly. It's hard to believe there's only a few more weeks til Christmas. The weather has taken a sudden shift to the cool side...Our highs are in the 40s now with lots of rain in every forecast, all though...I hear this weekend has sun sun sun! (yeah right) Anyway...My girls don't think it's cold enough for long pants yet. Marley was seen wearing capris to school today...and Kaleigh wore a dress to school earlier this week, They're both fine with just sweaters...Where do they think we are? The Sahara Desert? Anyway...I think before long they'll have it figured out.
Our Month has been full of activities...The girls had the school book fair this month. We played games with a few families a couple times. Emalee had her 4 month check up now that she's 5 months. The girls had Thanksgiving Lunch at School.
We're doing Thanksgiving Dinner at the church next (this) week and then that Saturday (25th) we're doing a small version of Thanksgiving with a friend of ours...we have to have something for leftovers don't ya know! And then, before you know it! It'll be Christmas!
The girls thoroughly enjoyed the book fair. Each year let them choose a book for themselves, and one that they can give the teacher as a gift. (It's not too hard because the teachers have wish list baskets). Marley chose a Junie B. Jones book...Toothless Wonder, Kaleigh chose a Junie B. Jones book also. Hers was something to do with Valentine's Day. Merryetta picked out Dora the Explorer. She's so funny. Marley picked out a book about some of the gross things animals do for her teacher...shudder shudder shudder...I hope the class likes it! Kaleigh picked up one called, My School is a Zoo. From what I read about it, her class could be that school! I always take advantage of the book fair. So I picked up some fun books for me too! Mo Willems is one of my new favorite children's authors. He wrote the hillarious book, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, which by the way, is a Caldecott Honor Book! It reminds me of my children some days ;) It's one of those books that helps you practice the word "NO!" I also bought, The Princess Knight by Cornelia Funke and Kerstin Meyer. It's a cute little story about a little girl who is teased by her older brothers, until she "puts them in their place." I got the story of Charlotte's Web.
Kaleigh's class read that book, and then watched the movie. They also had the Tennessee pig who played Wilber in the new Movie with Dakota Fanning, come visit the school. My hope is to read it to my kids by Christmas. We'll see how well it goes!
We've had fun lately playing games with some friends in the ward. Marley, Kaleigh and Merryetta play with their friend Emily, while we grown-ups learn new games. Mike and I learned how to play Skip-bo with Face Cards...What a big accomplishment! LOL :) There have been lots of fun games that we've learned, and it's nice to get together to socialize with other couples who have kids too. We have been trading houses...one time it will be here and the next time it will be at the girls' friend's house.

Emalee had her 4 month check up on Tuesday (Nov. 14th). I can't believe she's so big! Where has the time gone! She weighed in at 14.2 lbs (50%) and 25 1/4" (75%) So like the rest of my girls...kinda tall and slender. She was given 3 shot vaccines and 1 oral vaccine...for Rotavirus...(it's a new one.) She had her milestone roll over the other day. She went from tummy to back and then back to her tummy. Sniff sniff sniff sigh...my baby's getting big! My tiny infant is gone, now I have a giggly, smiley baby who loves her oatmeal, pears, and green beans :)

We'll Update at the end of the week with some Thanksgiving Adventure Pictures.

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