Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello! Hello!

Well, after 3 1/2 years of living here, Mike and I decided we needed some furniture. So for our (9th) Anniversary we bought a couple pieces to "showcase" our Front/Upstairs/Nintendo room. (Call it what you want) We went to Sofa Express out here in the Boro, and found just what we wanted!! We got a nice chocolate colored leather recliner sofa, and a reclining big chair too!

This past weekend we spent...Ok, Mike spent it cleaning the carpet (I was out with the ladies ;) pampering myself)so it would look all nice and fancy pancy for the new stuff coming in. I must say he did an OUTSTANDING job!!!

It was delivered today, and well...I took a handful of pictures...after all...I don't get stuff delivered to my house everyday!!!

Since it will be a while before any of ya'll can make it out here to actually enjoy it with us, we thought we'd put some pictures up so all ya'll could share in our comfort!!!

(Am I starting to sound southern all of a sudden or what???)

Ok......here are the pictures of the almost finished room!

I'd still like to get an end table, a rug, and few lamps, but other than that...oh yeah...I almost forgot...I want a nice entertainment center too!!! But you know...I like paying for stuff with cash...so when I can afford it! I'll do it!!! :D

Hope all is well! Maybe if you close your eyes and try hard enough...you can imagine you're sitting on our couch with us!! You never know!!

ANYWAY...time to get ready for play group!
L8rs G8rs!

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