Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Hunting We Will Go...for our Afternoon Snack!!!

Today for some extra fun, we went on a treasure hunt to find our lunch time snack. I have to admit, I'm no good at coming up with the clues, so my friend Randie did that part!

The kids got their first clue after their afternoon quiet time, it read:

Quiet time is over and it's time for some fun...go look in your bedroom for clue number 1!

It took them a minute or two to find the clue.

You've found the first clue
the fun's just beginning
Look for clue #2
Where the clothes go a spinning.

Marley knew instantly that the next clue would be found in the laundry room. Metta first looked in the dryer...nope not there...Marley opened the washer and didn't see anything, so she started looking through my game closet...Kaleigh found it on the inside of the lid of the washing machine! This one read...

You're like Old Mother Hubbard
Look for the next clue
Inside of a cupboard

I didn't realize my kids were such acrobats on my counter tops! As they went through my cupboards, they were standing on tippy toes from the sink to the stove. I thought for sure somebody was going to fall...thank goodness nobody did! After all their tippy toe searching, they found this one...

This is so fun!
It's surely no bore!
Look for the next clue
Near the front door.

Once the girls had jumped down from the counter and read the clue, they were off and running...right out the front door. Marley wandered around the front of the house for a bit, then all of a sudden she had a "lightbulb" moment...and she checked behind my seasonal door hanger and found this next one:

Look high and look low
but don’t go too far
You'll find your next clue
Somewhere on the car.

Now, knowing that Metta was trying her darnedest to find one, I made sure a few of the clues were just where she needed them to be for her to find them...I hid this one on the right rear tire, just under the wheel well. I think the girls walked around the car a dozen times before they finally found it, and I think it was Kaleigh that actually discovered it and read it...

You're doing so well
You sure can't be beat
Now have fun looking
Outside where we eat.

The girls easily identified this one as our back yard picnic table...unfortunately Metta just wasn't fast enough to find and retrieve this one...sitting on top of the table...I wasn't even fast enough to get there to get a picture! Metta was there and ready for the next one though!

For your next clue
You'll find it I bet
Somewhere around
Our playground / swing set

I stuck this next clue under one of the swings, and Metta saw it and grabbed it right away! Marley read it for her. They knew where to look for this one because the tree that was trimmed down was one that the kids used to climb on.

This game could have you
go all around town
But for now you should look
By the tree they trimmed down.

This clue was taped around one of the lower branches...I made the girls wait for me to get there before they were allowed to rip it down. Marley made the comment that this next clue was a good clue...

You won't find the next one
On a bike or a scooter -
It's back in the house
And on the computer.

Once they got into the house and by the computer, I had an IM conversation window open with Debbie with the question...Do you have my next clue? ready to send. When they sent her the message, she replied back with this next clue...I thought it was pretty cool :D

You're doing so well
Will this take all night?
Go look back outside
by the post with a light.

Marley once again found the clue first taped around the base of the light on our lamp post near our front porch. I'm surprised the clue didn't get ripped as they were taking it down too! I can't remember which clues Kaleigh read, but she and Marley took turns reading the clues...they're doing really well with their reading! Anyway...they booked it for the shed after reading this one!

You're nearing the end
Of the clues that you've read
Look a little bit longer -
Go look near the shed.

The girls were wondering how many more they had to look for, and I just kept'll have to keep finding the clues I can't remember how many I did! When they read this one they went running so they could find their treasure!!!!

You've done so great
You've done so well
The treasure is hidden
Where we get our mail.

It was funny because even though they knew it was the was like they didn't realize it until they read an opened this last clue...

Congratulations you did it! ...
I love you so much! You're all so sweet,
Now sit and relax and have a treat...

The treasure in the end was just a baggie with their fruit roll ups wrapped up in the clue...
Unfortunately...the kids had their treats scarfed down before I could get a picture to end...sorry...I'm just not fast enough...I also couldn't find my good camera to use, so I ended up using my camera they don't look all that great...especially when you enlarge them.

I'm glad they had fun...I think this one I won...
because there was no fighing or back biting :)
We'll definitely do this game again!
We're glad you came along for the fun too!


Robison Clan said...

Sounds like you girls had a blast!
I like the part where you had to write Aunt Debbie the best! YEAH!!!

A Happy birthday to Emma!
and a soon to be birthday girl Kaleigh!!!

Bryson and i love you so much and are excited to see all of you soon!

Marley and kaleigh be looking for books in the mail,(there are a few so all you girls can share :) also emma and kaleigh's birthday cards!

Love you always!
Uncle Bryson and Aunt Debbie also: BABY!

JLReece said...

What a swell idea! It makes me want to go on a treasure hunt right now...

Sorry we missed Emma's birthday. We were in South Dakota and forgot to call. We'll do better this Friday for Kaliegh's big day!