Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!!!

The Arnold Family's ABC's of 2008
Our version of a Christmas letter

- is for Anniversary… our #10! Can’t wait till we get some time out again!!!

B- is for Birthdays and a Baptism…and we’ve got ‘em both!

C- is for Camping. We went with the Pikes! Food Fun and Games, the kinds we all like!

D- is for Death. We lost Great (Great) Grandpa White…We know with all of our might, that he's doing alright!!

E- is for Everything I can’t seem to remember from day to day, where I put my keys, or phone. The day I remember will be a milestone!

F- is for Family…they all came here! The Reeces and Arnolds and even the Bates!

G- is for Girls. We’ve got our share! To say anything more would just be unfair!

H- is for Hospital, where Metta went…to fix a small slit in her small upper lip

I- is for Inventive. You see my girls are quite active, at their work... mostly play...for the things they come up with I just can't convey!

J- is for Joking! My girls love to tell Jokes... Do you know why the chicken crossed the kitchen? To Eat! (tw'eet)

K- is for Kaleigh…She turned 8 and was baptized this year!

L- is for Look-a-likes as the old test shows, apparently we are a family of Dittos!

M- is for Moving...We Wish!!! Maybe in '09 we'll find one we think is Divine!!!

N- is for "NO" Our month with NO TV was as pleasant as the morning sea. Singing and Dancing, and just having fun is how we made Family Number One!!!

O- is for Outdoors. On a bike down the street is where you'll find Mike! It's just what he adores! (ok, and his wife too)

P- is for Parade, Marley has been in 2! With her baton she happily marched on

Q- is for Quest... and through the Book of Mormon we've progressed! Just finished Alma now on through the rest we shall finish soon now!

R- is for Recorder, Marley is learning to play…she’s really quite good I just have to say!

S- is for Snow…yes we finally got some…freezing our fingers faces and toes, we made a snowman and forgot all our woes.

T- is for TICKET…mom got her FIRST!! She was certain she stopped though the cop disagreed.

U- is for Uniforms…The school’s debut, the kids get to choose from Red White and Blue.

V- is for Vacation to Basking Ridge New Jersey for Dad’s Tour de Cure Bike Ride. We saw Palmyra, Philly, DC and Lady Liberty too!

W- is for Work…that Michael does well. This year has him LEADING!!! I think it’s just swell!

X- is for eXtras with which we are blessed. The gospel, our family, and even you too!

Y- is for You! Thanks to You and You and yes even YOU...We wish our Family Friends, and loved ones too, blessings and peace that never cease.

Z-is for Zoo…have you been there too? I’ve got 4 little animals that belong there in the crew!

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Brianna and Owen said...

You're so creative! Merry Christmas! Owen and I will see you on Sunday...