Friday, July 10, 2009

Meeting my Friend, Alisa

We left LIW homestead later than we were expecting, which thus made us later than we were expecting. We had planned to meet a friend of mine for lunch... it was closer to dinner by the time we got there. Luckily we could arrange everything through texting :)

We got to know each other on a website called SparkPeople. It is a free weight loss and diet site. Alisa and I happen to be on a team together on this site. When discussing my family travel plans we discovered that my family would be close enough to hers that we could arrange for this little meeting!!!

We chatted for about 10-15 minutes then she had to run and get some things done. It was fun meeting her and her kids. She has a daughter pretty close to the same age as one of mine. She was so cute, as they left she came up to me and said, I need to get a hug too! :D
Her daughter has chatted with me a little bit through IM too... so cute!

I'm glad we got to meet each other!

Here is my sweet family waiting for dinner to be served... It's a good thing dinner didn't take too long to get to us! It was REALLY good :)

Mike looks like he's about had it in this picture... I guess that's what driving through vast amounts of NOTHINGness can do to a person after a while :)

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