Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation part 13... NAUVOO!!!

We drove all night to make sure we had as much time as we wanted in Nauvoo. It was a good thing we did! We pulled into Nauvoo at about 4:30 am. Mike got some great pictures of the Nauvoo Temple all lit up with the lights. I'll have to add some of those when he gets them done...

After he spent an hour or so taking pictures, we slept for an hour or so in the car. Then we went to breakfast at this little place...

This must be the "in" spot because that's where a lot of the missionaries went for breakfast too!

It was a breakfast buffet, with made to order pancakes or french toast. YUMMY!!! We all ate until we were stuffed.

We went to the Visitor's Center from there...
We stopped by the little cabins they had set up and arranged to go on a wagon ride around Nauvoo for a little later in the morning.

Here are the girls ready to go!!!

While we were waiting we went into the Visitor's Center and walked around. We saw a little video in one of the theaters. Mike and I had a super hard time of staying awake. I think I did a bit better than him though ;)

Once the video was over, we went outside to be ready for our wagon ride around the Sites of Nauvoo.

(we would like to do the carriage ride next time and hear pioneer stories etc.)

This is on the wagon going around the Nauvoo area...

The girls were all excited to be going for the wagon ride. They got to see where we would be going for the day, and it built up their anticipation even more!!!

These are some of the buildings we passed while on the tour. It was fun to see some of the missionaries come out and wave as we'd pass.

We stopped briefly at the Gunsmiths, but they were in the middle of an explanation and didn't have the time to wait for the next one to start.

Here is a picture of the Mississippi River. Nauvoo was mostly swamp/marsh land when the early saints arrived. It was the job of the women to clear out the trees, and swampy marshy areas so it could be drained while the men worked in the fields and on church things.

The girls were so excited to ride in an ox pulled wagon. They talked about wanting to do that ALL day! We finally gave in... it didn't take to much persuading ;)

It was just a quick walk around the pasture. During the walk we were told why oxen were used vs. horses etc. Oxen walk more at the speed of people. and they were stronger and could carry/pull heavier loads longer.

The girls got to pet the oxen. The one on the left just about stuck it's horn into Marley's face when she got a bit too close.

We have many more pictures... of course, we are still waiting on them to be processed so we can actually USE them :) please be patient and return often!

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Morehead Family said...

Wow! Nauvoo, how fun! I wanted to stop on our way out to DC, but with everything else we just couldn't justify it. Our plan is to stop on our way back to Utah in 2 1/2 years. Your girls are so cute.